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These delightful sheep also produce lovely wool.  Shetland wool is soft, durable, warm, and the finest of any wool produced by a British breed. Fleece type can vary among sheep--from a well-developed crimp to a wavy, sturdy fiber with a silky hand.  Staple length will also vary, but typically is about four inches.  The wool comes in a variety of color (there are 11 official colors and 30 markings--some very rare.

fair isle mittensWhite is the most common Shetland fleece color (and often the finest).  The other colors are black, shaela (dark steely grey), emsket (dusky bluish grey), grey, light grey, dark brown, moorit (shades between fawn and dark reddish brown), mioget (light moorit, yellowish brown), musket (light greyish brown), and fawn.  Shetland wool has traditionally been used for fine knitting yarns  The Shetland Islands are famous for ther Fair Isle garments as well as their knitted shawls that can be drawn through a wedding ring.

Besides being a sheep raiser, I am also a spinner, knitter, and weaver; so I understand how important it is that you have nice wool for your projects.  We selected for animals with the finer type wool and strive to produce quality wool--soft, clean, and processed as beautifully as possible.  In order to minimize chaff in the fleece, our sheep wear 'jackets' during the winter months when they are eating hay.  Depending on the weather and availability of the shearer, the sheep are normally shorn the end of May when the wool tends to have its natural rise (roo).


We offer raw, skirted premium fleeces, pin-drafted roving, combed top, and yarn. My customers love this roving and top as it spins so easily.  It is available in various natural colors as well as some blends with exotic fibers.  Wool is coming and going to the mill at various time throughout the year; if you're interested please contact me.

Wool can be shipped to you.  Or visit me at my booth at one of these wool market events.